Formula X - Force


Designed in Oslo, Norway


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Original price : 12000 NOK 

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Bigger battery

Samsung battery cells

– Up to 28 km range

– 6.6ah battery capacity

Softer Tires

– Better traction

– smoother riding experience

– 83mm / 78A PU Tires

New grip tape

– 3mm thick

– Comfortable for your feet

– New Grip tape design


With great power comes great responsibility! This board is not recommended for children under 16.

Slim Design

912 mm

126 mm



Our formula boards are lightweight and are therefore easier to carry.


F X weighs - 7.2 kg

Regenerative braking

Our Boards have regenerative braking. In other words; you charge when you brake!

Max Speed

Formula X has a maximum speed of 40 km / h. The perfect speed for a perfect ride!


2 speed modes

Change between 2-speed modes to fit the best riding experience for your journeys. 

Age limit

No age limit has been set for driving small electric vehicles in Norway. We do not recommend this for people under 16 years old.

256 mm


The board can withstand dust and some water drops, but as with all electronics avoid riding it in water. The warranty does not cover water damage.

Canadien maple deck

Canadien maple deck with a careful finish of metallic black coat. Giving the board shine it deserves


Formula X has an uphill rate of 19%. Taking you to the top. 

Wireless control

Forward & backward


Ride in both directions using the forward and backward button on the control.

Cruise mode


You can activate the cruise mode by simply pressing the joystick while accelerating and turning off the cruise mode in the same way. In cruise mode, the board will keep its speed constant, regardless of control. 

Our collaboration with Mercedes Benz

Integrated LED lights


Our Formula boards are equipped with LED lights in the front, rear and sides. Not only do you light up the road so you can ride safely in the dark; The lighting also makes other road users aware of you. Ride stylishly and ride safely!

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  • Max Speed                                                                         40 km / h

  • Battery                                                                                36v, 6.6AH, 18650 Li-ion

  • Led-light                                                                             Front / Back / both sides

  • USB-input                                                                         Under the board

  • Range                                                                                  28 km

  • Charging                                                                              3,5 hours

  • Motor                                                                                   360w x 2

  • Max load                                                                              100 kg

  • Size                                                                                       912 * 254 * 126mm

  • Incline rate                                                                           19%

  • Weight                                                                                  7.2 kg

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Limited Warranty

- All of our customers have 12 months warranty on their products purchased through E-Future.

- 100 % satisfied customers, is our main goal.

- The warranty covers parts and production faults.