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Formula Flow

Original price 12999kr 
Pre-order price 9999kr

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Top speed 40km/h

up to 35km


- Flexible 7 Canadian maples, - 1 Fiberglass layer

Belt driven

Dual Motor

Formula Flow is fitted 1200 w powerful motors, giving you the speed you deserve. 

Caution! They will get HOT!

Cloud wheels 
78 A  Tires

You can also change the wheels that fits your style. Formula Flow supports 83mm, 90mm and 120 mm

120mm Cloudwheels

Maximize the smoothness of your ride with 120mm cloud wheels, giving you the freedom to ride on multiple types of asphalt and getting rid of the buzzy feeling in your legs after every ride.


8" Aluminum alloy




9.7 kgs

Flexible deck 

Bumpy ride ahead? Not an issue with 7 Canadian maple + 1 fiberglass layer deck, making it flexible and taking in every bump just for you. You can never flex enough. 


Wireless remote

Formula Flow wireless remote comes with many features like deadman trigger and a display screen for changing modes.

Display screen main features:

- 3-Speed modes

- 3 Brake modes

- 3 wheels size mode

- Battery display ( Board and remote )

Battery size

33.6v 17.5ah

USB port

Fitted on the battery 

Range up to 35km

The battery is designed to work with the flexible deck, providing the rider with a smooth ride and ready to take you nearly anywhere with the range of 35km.

Obs! The range will be affected by the weight and amount of uphill riding. 

External LED lights

Formula Flow follows with LED external lights in the front and rear. Not only do you light up the road so you can ride safely in the dark; The lighting also makes other road users aware of you. Ride stylishly and ride safely!


Model Specs

Max Speed

Formula Flow has a maximum speed of 40 km / h. The perfect speed for a perfect ride!


Our formula boards are lightweight and are therefore easier to carry.

Flow weighs - 9.7 kg


Formula Flow has an uphill rate of 25%. Taking you to the top. Obs! The incline will be effected by wheel size.

Regenerative Braking

Our Boards have regenerative braking. In other words; you charge when you brake!

3 Speed Modes

Change between 3-speed modes to fit the best riding experience for your journeys.

Age Limit

No age limit has been set for driving small electric vehicles in Norway. We do not recommend this for people under 16 years old.

Canadian Maple Deck

Canadian maple deck with a careful finish of matt black coat. Giving the board the smoothess it deserves.


The board can withstand dust and some water drops, but as with all electronics avoid riding it in water. The warranty does not cover water damage.

Download Spec Sheet


What you will be getting.

  • Formula Flow Board

  • LED lights (Front and rear)

  • 2 extra belts for your motors

  • Wall hanger

  • Rubber protection cover

  • Extra pair of  83mm wheels

  • Wireless remote

  • T-Tool

  • Charger (Both for your board and remote)


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Limited Warranty

- All of our customers have 12 months warranty on their products purchased through E-Future.

- 100 % satisfied customers, is our main goal.

- The warranty covers parts and production faults.