The Story

Hello, thrilled to see you here:) I live in Oslo, where E-Future was founded.

As a child, I was always experimenting with my electrical toys. Destroying them completely to see what made them move and discovered an electric motor. One thing led to another and at an age of 16, I decided to become an electrician. I thought that could be fun at first but my interest started to fade away. After some time I felt that I wasn't using my knowledge well enough. So I decided to build my own electric transport company and share it with Norway as nothing is impossible if you tell yourself that more than enough times.

The reason why we are launching electric longboard for our first product is that it's awesome and I really wanted one, but in past several years, I had heard so many rumors that electric longboard was illegal in Norway. After watching so many different kinds of company's around the world making so many cool electric boards, I was going crazy. So I took the matter into my own hands and decided to start a company where I could share my interest and awesome electric transport with you. Today every country has its own style and rules for electrical longboards and other small electric transports. Norway is the most strict of them all when it comes to rules and regulations but that didn't stop me but made it even better. It will be disappointing for people who like to ride fast because the speed limit is 20km for products like this Norway but no worries less is more. I decided to contribute to an environment with healthy electric longboards within the rules and regulations of Norway.  We are getting more and more of many kinds of electric transports and it will not stop here, neither will we. Our electrical longboards would be followed by many other types of electrical transports in E-Future style. These would be launched in the most practical way and most importantly Norwegian design. Norway will finally have there own Electric rides.

E-future is all about ambition and new ways of putting a smile on peoples faces. Hopefully, E-future will be a great way to connect with people and have something to talk about. I am delighted to bring E-future to our own hometown.

Salman Rashid

    "We were born to be outside"