Shipping and delivery

Our delivery time is 1- 5 working days from the moment we receive your order. You will be notified by your nearest post office or from your nearest post in store. If you live in Oslo or in the vicinity of our office, you can be lucky to have the package delivered personally from us in one day.


The time limit for retrieving your package from your nearest post office is 2 weeks. If you are unlucky and are unable to retrieve your package within 2 weeks, your package will be returned to us, and you will then be billed for shipping costs.




If any delays appear throughout the delivery process, you will be notified as soon as we know.




All the goods should returners to us. Shipping costs must be covered by the sender.
Should you ship your order in return, the package must be sent to the following mailing address:


Address:vei 3,
0588, Oslo, Norway.


In order for the treatment to be done as soon as possible please add a cancellation form.


Remember to attach order number and any reason for your return.


Do you want to trade item/size? Add an explanation for what you want to switch to. Remember to attach your order number. Send the package back to the following address



Frennings vei 3,

0588, Oslo, Norway


If you have questions or wonder about your exchange, you can easily contact us here:


Phone: 46 36 55 02

Feel free to contact us first because our goal is to have satisfied customers. It's better if we can work something out so that you keep smiling.


Delay and lack of delivery


Buyer's rights and deadline for making claims If the seller does not deliver the item or deliver it too late in accordance with the agreement between the parties, and this is not due to the buyer or relationship on the buyer, the buyer may, in accordance with the rules in the Consumer Buying Act's Chapter 5, return the purchase price, demand fulfillment, terminate the agreement and / or claim replacement from the seller.

In case of non-compliance, the statement of evidence should be in writing (for example, e-mail).



The buyer can maintain the purchase and demand fulfillment from the seller. However, the buyer can not claim fulfillment if there is an obstacle that the seller can not overcome or if fulfillment will cause such a major disadvantage or expense to the seller that there is a significant disproportionate interest to the buyer's interest in the seller fulfilling. Should the difficulties fall away within a reasonable time, the buyer may still require fulfillment. The buyer loses his right to demand fulfillment if he or she waits unreasonably for a long time to promote the claim.



If the seller does not deliver the item at the time of delivery, the buyer shall request the seller to deliver within a reasonable time limit for fulfillment. If the seller does not deliver the item within the time limit, the buyer may cancel the purchase.


Buyer may, however, raise the purchase immediately if the seller refuses to deliver the item. The same applies if delivery at the agreed time was decisive for the conclusion of the agreement or if the buyer has notified the seller that the delivery date is decisive.


If the item is delivered after the time limit set by the consumer after the delivery date that was decisive for the conclusion of the agreement, the claim must be made within a reasonable period of time after the buyer was informed of the delivery.



The buyer may claim compensation for a little loss due to the delay. However, this does not apply if the seller proves that the delay is due to an obstacle beyond the seller's control that could not reasonably have been taken into consideration during the term of the agreement, avoided or overcome the consequences.