Cleaning and maintenance after each ride:

Try to avoid dirt roads, sand, etc. as much as you can. It won’t do any good to your board. Avoid water!
Clean your electric skateboard with a dry rag. Important: prevent any water or dirt from entering the electronic components.

If you have been riding on a wet road. Clean your board with a dry rag and store your board laying on the grip tape (Board should be laying on its back) this will help avoid water entering the case under the board.

After you have driven the board on a wet road we recommend that you don't ride the board before 24 hours. This way you can avoid water damage on the electronics parts of the board.

Storing your board away for several weeks:


Regularly maintain your gears, bearings and any place where there is friction. You can do this with simple maintenance oil.

Adjust and check the bolts and screws before each ride. This is important because a lot of vibrations are generated when you go for a push.

In order to keep the battery functioning correctly, we recommend that you charge your battery every 3 months. This will help to keep your battery life healthy. 

Store the board in a dry place and avoid moisture.  


And one more advice – attach your remote to the board so you won’t have to spend time looking for the remote when you are ready to ride again.


To keep your battery healthy and to avoid losing range over time. We recommend that you charge your board battery every time when the battery indicator on your board is down to two green light. Use the whole battery capacity only when necessary.

Ride on!